Special Projects

Around the world, many communities are not connected to the national grid. Masdar has a variety of solutions to ensure renewable energy reaches remote areas to increase jobs and energy security, while cutting fuel costs and carbon emissions. From tiny Pacific Island micro-grids and rural solar home systems in Afghanistan and Morocco, to onshore wind in the Republic of Seychelles and off-grid solar projects in Egypt and Mauritania, Masdar has been working with partners to deploy clean energy projects that are changing lives and livelihoods.

Across 16 Caribbean and 11 Pacific Islands, Masdar has been delivering renewable energy projects to help reduce reliance on fuel imports, increase energy access, and enhance climate resilience. The solar and wind projects are part of the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund and the UAE-Pacific Partnership Fund. Both initiatives are funded by the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development and worth US$50 million each.

A consortium led by Masdar was awarded the 1,100MW Al Henakiyah project, after a successful tender process by SPPC. The project entails developing, financing, constructing, and operating of the 1,100MWac PV plant, to be located in the Al Henakiyah region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The plant is expected to start commercial operation in 2026.

Al Henakiyah Solar PV IPP Project

PV plant:


Solar PV | Saudi Arabia

Located in the Bab Al Shams area of Dubai, the project is a 1.2 MW PV plant connected to the DEWA grid. It provides electricity to a large farm that is growing animal fodder. The plant is located in the desert and equipped with automatic cleaning robots that clear the dust from the PV modules.

Bab Al Shams Solar PV Plant

PV plant:


Solar PV | United Arab Emirates

In support of government efforts to unlock the agricultural potential of the Al Wadi Al Jadeed Governorate, Masdar worked closely with Egyptian authorities to identify three sites in the governorate for new solar power plants

Al Wadi Al Jadeed Solar PV Plants

Installed capacity:


Solar PV | Egypt

The Republic of the Marshall Islands is made up of 29 low-lying atolls and five elevated islands inhabited by 71,000 citizens

Marshall Islands

PV Plant:


Water collection | South Pacific Islands - Marshall

The facility produces about 17,500 megawatt-hours of clean electricity annually and offsets 15,000 tonnes of carbon emissions per year.

Masdar City Solar Photovoltaic Plant

Annually generating:


Solar PV | United Arab Emirates

The UAE-PPF project is helping to meet the needs of 17% of Kiribati’s population who live off-grid

Kiribati: 500kW Solar PV & Water Protection

Solar PV plant:


Solar PV | South Pacific Islands - Kiribati

925kW solar PV carport with EV charger stations

Bahamas Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund

Solar PV plant:


Solar PV | Caribbean - Bahamas

This project features solar PV systems on 11 government buildings. With a total installed capacity of 2.3MWp, it reduces annual diesel fuel consumption by 1.22 million liters and mitigates 3,220 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually.

FSM – Solar in Pohnpei

Total capacity:


Solar PV | South Pacific Islands - Micronesia

Inhabitants on three of Fiji’s outer islands (Kadevu, Lakeba, and Rotuma) have access to energy around the clock having previously had power for only 12-18 hours a day

LaKaRo 525kW Solar PV

Solar PV Hybrid:


Solar PV | South Pacific Islands - Fiji

The 50-megawatt project will be the first large-scale wind farm in the GCC region.

Dhofar Wind Project

Carbon dioxide savings:

110,000 tonnes annually

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Wind | Oman

600kW solar PV plant + 600kWh lithium-ion battery

Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund - Saint Vincent & the Grenadines

solar PV plant:


Solar PV | Caribbean - St Vincent The Grenadines

Romainville Solar Park is a 5-megawatt (MW) solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant with battery storage in the Re¬public of Seychelles.

Ile de Romainville Solar Park

PV plant has a capacity of:


Solar PV | Seychelles