Masdar developed and delivered the first large-scale renewable energy project in the Seychelles. Owned and operated by the Seychelles government, the project consists of eight wind turbines across two small islands off the coast of Mahe - five turbines on Romainville Island and three at Ile du Port.

The project produces nearly 7 gigawatt-hours of clean energy per year, displaces about 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually and powers more than 2,100 homes. Unison Company, a South Korean manufacturer and contractor, supplied the 750-kilowatt turbines.

Before the wind farm began operations, the Seychelles depended entirely on imported fossil fuels to generate energy. With the farm now supplying more than 8 percent of Mahe Island’s grid capacity, the integration of clean, sustainable wind energy is helping the island nation decrease power outages, address long-term energy security and reduce carbon emissions.

The project is a major step toward meeting the Seychelles’ target of producing 15 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. It was financed through a grant of US$28 million from the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, a government entity that enhances living standards in developing nations.

The Port Victoria wind farm is one of several ADFD-funded international projects.

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Quick Facts

  • Diesel fuel savings: 1.5 million imported liters

  • Emission reductions: 10,000 tonnes annually

  • Equipment: eight wind turbines, 750 kilowatts each

  • Facility area: 272,000 square metres

  • Powers more than 2,100 homes

  • Installed capacity: 6MW

  • Yearly production: 7GWh