Masdar has been a pioneer in exploring hydrogen production since 2008.

Our green hydrogen business aims to be a global leader by adopting a ‘smart early-mover’ approach. We are developing and investing in strategic projects and building scalable platforms in key markets around the world.

Masdar seeks to be a project owner and integrator of world-scale developments along the entire hydrogen value chain. We are technology-agnostic and focus on the best technologies to build a robust hydrogen value chain, considering the requirements and success factors of each application.

What is green hydrogen used for?

Hydrogen can be used directly or converted to so called derivatives, for example ammonia, methanol, synthetic methane and fuels (e.g. SAF – Sustainable Aviation Fuel). Masdar’s scope covers all the different forms of hydrogen that serve sectors such as power, industry or transportation, supporting the decarbonization of hard-to-abate sectors like heavy industry, shipping, and aviation.

Our ambition

Masdar aims to be a leading producer of green hydrogen by 2030. Masdar is already active in the green hydrogen space and has publicly announced several project agreements, details of which can be found in the Masdar news section.