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Farmers in Senegal harvest benefits of Masdar wind farm

Farmers in Taiba N’Diaye, Senegal, are able to harvest crops during the dry season and sell produce at a revamped local market, thanks to Masdar.

29 JAN 2024
Power to Change film series

How Masdar has backed Uzbekistan’s bold energy transition from the start

From the beginning, Masdar has been supporting Uzbekistan's bold energy transition. Today, the Central Asian nation is home to some of the region's largest wind and solar programs, under development.

20 NOV 2023
Power to Change film series

Masdar provides funding to keep Swainson’s hawks in Antelope Valley

Solar power is a wonderful resource as we transition to a world fuelled by clean energy but it requires responsible development to protect indigenous species that have lived and prospered undisturbed in an area for centuries.

26 SEP 2023
Power to Change film series

Masdar’s first floating solar power plant creates positive ripples in Indonesia

Developed by Masdar and its partners, this feat of engineering will soon deliver renewable energy to 50,000 homes, cut emissions, and create widespread change in communities.

02 AUG 2023
Power to Change film series

Masdar solar plant brings light to communities in Belize

Children can study with ease and residents can walk safely at night in rural Belize, thanks to renewable electricity generated by a UAE-funded Masdar project.

05 JUN 2023
2,5 min

Masdar ČIBUK 1 wind farm powers change in Serbian local communities

Masdar’s ČIBUK 1 wind farm is the largest utility-scale commercial wind project in Serbia and the Western Balkans, comprising of 158MW.

13 APR 2023
1,5 min
Clean Energy

Shams celebrates 10 years of powering change

Named after the sun, the Shams solar power project has been a shining light in renewable energy in the Middle East since 2013 and Masdar’s first utility-scale solar project in the region is now celebrating its 10th anniversary this week.

16 MAR 2023
2 min
Clean Energy

Masdar film shows London Array’s impact on British coastal community

Masdar’s London Array, one of the world’s largest wind farms, has been helping to power half a million British homes, create jobs, and cut carbon emissions.

03 JAN 2023
2 min
Clean Energy
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