How Masdar’s solar plant brings hope to Barbuda’s Hurricane victims

28 MAY 2024
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Our latest Power to Change video is out now.

Our new Power to Change film takes us to the Caribbean Island of Barbuda, where we meet communities on the front lines of rebuilding their lives in the wake of Hurricane Irma, the Category 5 hurricane that destroyed 95 percent of the island on September 6, 2017.

The devastating event left the island barely habitable, forcing all 1,800 residents to evacuate their homes to neighboring Antigua. Now, as they complete the process of rebuilding the island, they are being supported by a safe, reliable and sustainable supply of electrical power developed by Masdar.

As part of its work with the UAE-Caribbean Renewable Energy Fund (UAE-CREF), Masdar implemented the Green Barbuda Project, providing the island with a hurricane-resistant hybrid solar PV plant that can power 100 percent of Barbuda’s energy needs.

Watch the video on our YouTube channel to see how this 720kwh plant is providing job opportunities and energy security to Barbudan residents on the beloved island they call home.