Clean Energy

Masdar has over 16 years of experience as a renewable energy developer and investor, working in partnership with business and government.

Active in more than 40 countries, Masdar is one of the largest developers of renewable energy projects in the world. It is a leading developer and operator of utility-scale as well as off-grid renewable energy projects, which are helping to expand energy access in emerging markets and reduce reliance on fossil fuels for electricity generation.

Since 2006, Masdar has invested in mainly solar and wind power projects with a combined value of more than US$30 billion.

The electricity generation capacity of our projects, which are either fully operational, under development or secured, is over 20 GW, enough to power over 5.25 million homes. Altogether, they displace nearly 30 million tonnes of carbon dioxide per year, equivalent to removing 6.5 million cars off the road. Masdar is targeting a portfolio capacity of 100 GW by 2030, with ambitions to double that in the following years.

Masdar invests in and contributes to innovative projects, including utility-scale power plants, community grid projects, and individual solar home systems.

Clean-Tech Innovators

Masdar is advancing clean-tech innovation by deploying the latest technologies at scale, enhancing their commercial viability. Incubating technologies in the field and acquiring operational data that helps to attract investment and promotes the wider deployment of advanced technologies at scale.

We are contributing to the growth of the clean energy sector in the Middle East through capacity building and the deployment of innovative technologies that are relevant to the region, such as solar power plants that generate electricity for air-conditioning at the hottest times of the day and waste-to-energy technology that is helping to divert waste from landfill sites.

Masdar’s Clean Energy division comprises the following units:

Asset Management and Technical Services

The Asset Management & Technical Services division oversee Masdar’s operational renewable energy assets and provide technical expertise to the wider Clean Energy team.

Business Development and Investment

The Business Development and Investment unit invests in and develops bankable renewable energy technologies.

Energy Services

The Energy Services unit specializes in delivering supply- and demand-side energy solutions.

Delivery, Bids and Supply Chain

Overseeing Masdar’s participation in renewable energy bids and the delivery of clean energy projects


Masdar invests in and contributes to innovative projects including large, utility-scale power plants,
community grid projects, and individual solar home systems.



Solar Photovoltaic

Masdar deploys solar PV technology in utility-scale and off-grid solar power plants and rooftop systems.

Concentrated Solar Power

Masdar has experience developing different types of concentrated solar power systems.


Masdar is a major developer and investor in onshore and offshore wind farms.


Change the box title to: Waste-to-Energy and replace the content in the box with: Masdar is committed to tackling the issue of waste management through the development of waste-to-energy projects.

Energy Storage

Masdar is committed to developing and deploying energy storage solutions to create a more flexible grid system.

Demonstration Technologies

Masdar is advancing clean-tech innovation through R&D partnerships and demonstration projects.