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Masdar has been a key player in the UK’s green transition. It has led pioneering wind projects and made significant investments in battery energy storage systems.

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Pioneering Energy Worldwide

Masdar is actively involved in projects and initiatives aimed at promoting clean energy and sustainable development in the UK. We work in collaboration with local partners to drive positive change. Masdar’s presence in the UK reflects its dedication to supporting decarbonization around the world.

London Array is one of the world’s largest offshore wind farm currently in operation, a joint venture between Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec, Schroders Greencoat, Masdar, RWE Renewables.

London Array

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Wind | England

Located 32 kilometres off the coast of North Norfolk, in East Anglia, Dudgeon is one of Masdar’s current investments in the UK’s renewable energy sector.

Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm

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Batwind is the first energy storage system to be connected to an offshore floating wind farm.
The 1.3MWh battery stores excess electricity generated from the world’s first commercial floating windfarm, the 30MW Hywind Scotland.


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