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Masdar Americas LLC, is an affiliate of Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company PJSC – Masdar. As a global leader in renewable energy, it is spearheading the transition towards a sustainable and clean energy future in America.

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Pioneering Energy Worldwide

At Masdar Americas, we are committed to advancing renewable energy and sustainable technology in the USA. Through strategic investments and partnerships in a number of solar and wind plants, we are working to accelerate the adoption of clean energy solutions across the nation, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for all. Masdar is also proud to be playing a leading role in delivering 15GW of clean energy projects, together with US investors, as part of the landmark Partnership for Accelerating Clean Energy (PACE) initiative between the UAE and the US.

Masdar acquired John Laing Group plc’s interest in the wind farm in the United States in 2019, marking the first time the company has invested in renewable energy projects in North America.

Rocksprings Wind Farm

Installed capacity:


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Wind | United States

The project comprises of two solar PV plants with a total capacity of 311 MW located in Riverside County, California. Together, the projects feature 780 thousand Bifacial Canadian Solar panels with SMA inverters on NexTracker single axis trackers upgraded with TrueCapture Software, guaranteed to increase project output.

Maverick 1 and Maverick 4 PV projects


110,000 homes

Solar PV | United States

Located in Willacy County, Texas, this 273 MW project is part of the 1.6 GW clean energy portfolio Masdar acquired in partnership with EDF Renewables.

Las Majadas Onshore Wind Farm


77,000 homes

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Wind | United States