Masdar Signs Joint Study Agreement for supply of green hydrogen to the Port of Amsterdam

06 DEC 2023
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  • Joint Study Agreement signed with four companies – Masdar, Port of Amsterdam, SkyNRG and Zenith Energy Terminals – to assess the viability of a dedicated liquefied green hydrogen supply chain serving the industry cluster in Amsterdam.

  • The new Agreement follows the Memorandum of Understanding signed earlier this year between Masdar and four Dutch companies.

Masdar, one of the world’s leading clean energy companies, Port of Amsterdam, SkyNRG and Zenith Energy Terminals have signed a Joint Study Agreement (JSA) to assess the feasibility of a dedicated liquefied green hydrogen supply chain for Masdar-produced hydrogen to the port of Amsterdam.

Hydrogen is an energy carrier and resource with many potential applications, particularly for the industrial and transportation sectors. Port of Amsterdam is developing an industry cluster around green hydrogen in its port. One of the potential end-use options includes the production of Sustainable Aviation Fuel. Under this JSA, the parties will join their efforts to study a liquefied green hydrogen supply chain, focusing on production by Masdar and export to the port of Amsterdam to provide hydrogen to regional industries, as well as the European hinterland.

Masdar has announced its goal of achieving 100 GW renewable energy capacity and green hydrogen production of 1 million tonnes per annum annually by 2030. Masdar is actively involved in a number of projects related to green hydrogen production.

Mohammad Abdelqader El-Ramahi, Chief Green Hydrogen Officer, Masdar, said:

This Joint Study Agreement is a commitment to explore and support the use of green hydrogen to benefit industries across the world. The Port of Amsterdam’s busy terminals and operations have the potential to be a perfect match for Masdar-produced green hydrogen, and we look forward to once again working closely with our Dutch partners in advancing the potential of a green hydrogen supply chain in Amsterdam.

As Europe’s fourth-largest port and as a gateway to the European market, the port of Amsterdam is one of the envisioned prime destinations for Masdar produced hydrogen. As the port’s operator, Port of Amsterdam is committed to scaling up green hydrogen capabilities and it works side by side with commercial parties active in its port on green hydrogen development.

Dorine Bosman, Chief Investment Officer at Port of Amsterdam, said:

This agreement heralds the next phase of our collaboration with Masdar. We are proud of the progress that has been made since we signed our Memorandum of Understanding in January this year. The fact that we are moving into the next phase so quickly underlines the viability and strength of the liquid hydrogen import proposition Port of Amsterdam and Zenith Energy Terminals have to offer. With companies like SkyNRG working on the forefront of innovation, we are confident that we can make green hydrogen import corridors a reality with strong partners like Masdar.

Zenith Energy Terminals is the operator of one of the most prominent energy storage and distribution facilities in the port of Amsterdam. The company is developing an open access liquid hydrogen import facility in Amsterdam, focusing on providing hydrogen producers access to Dutch and European hydrogen markets. Its liquid hydrogen terminal facilitates the importation, storage, distribution and regasification of liquid hydrogen in Amsterdam.

With these combined capabilities, the partners to the JSA feature an end-to-end supply chain, with liquefied hydrogen presenting a concrete opportunity to ship green hydrogen from Masdar’s production facilities for offtake and subsequent conversion to e-SAF by SkyNRG in the port of Amsterdam.

The JSA was signed by Mohammad Abdelqader El-Ramahi, Executive Director of Green Hydrogen of Masdar; Dorine Bosman, Chief Investment Officer of Port of Amsterdam; Theye Veen, Chief Commercial Officer of SkyNRG and Ellen Ruhotas, Head of New Energy Projects for Zenith Energy Terminals. The agreement was signed in the presence of the Dutch Ambassador to the UAE, Mr. Gerard Steeghs.