Youth 4 Sustainability

Preparing the next generation to carry forward the sustainability agenda

Masdar’s core objective is to support the UAE’s knowledge-economy transformation. Investing in youth, and supporting their development to become the sustainability leaders of tomorrow, is a natural progression of our role as the country’s sustainability thought leaders.
We believe that youth have numerous untapped capabilities that we wish to unleash in order to empower young people to be able to lead the sustainable development of our country, and the world. For this reason, we developed the Youth 4 Sustainability (Y4S) initiative to educate, engage and empower youth and young entrepreneurs by enriching their understanding of sustainability.
The Y4S initiative provides opportunities that enables young people to become active leaders in the world’s transition to a more sustainable future. It consists of two pillar programmes: the Sustainability Ambassadors (SA) and the Future Sustainability Leaders (FSL). Mentorship, engagement opportunities and educational programmes are developed for students and young professionals, to strengthen the talent pipeline of the world’s sustainability leaders.

Our efforts to empower youth resulted in the world’s first survey of post-millennial attitudes towards sustainable development, renewable energy and climate change, called the Gen Z Global Sustainability Survey. We will continue to engage youth in developing insightful surveys, white papers and reports to ensure that their voices are heard in discussions on the future of sustainability.

Future Sustainability Leaders (FSL) Program

Empowering university students to become the next generation of sustainability leaders

Sustainability Ambassadors Program

Empowering high school students to lead their peers in sustainability

Masdar Knowledge Sessions

A programme of talks led by Masdar experts for students

Youth 4 Sustainability Hub

A dedicated space at Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week to educate, empower and inspire youth

Gen Z Survey

The world’s first youth survey on the attitudes of young people towards climate change.