After the successful deployment of the 15 megawatt (MW) Sheikh Zayed Solar Power Plant in Nouakchott in 2013, Masdar installed an additional 16.6MW photovoltaic (PV) projects across eight remote communities in Mauritania.

Masdar’s footprint in the country now includes a 31.6MW portfolio of renewable energy projects. Inaugurated in November 2016, the 16.6MW PV rural electrification programme was funded by the governments of Mauritania and Abu Dhabi. Following the installation of these PV plants by Masdar, the facilities are being operated by Mauritania’s national electricity provider, Société Mauritanienne d’Electricité (SOMELEC).

The plants supply up to 30 per cent of the electricity demand to the remote communities of Boutilim-it, Aleg, Aioune, Akjoujt, Atar, El Chami, Boulenour and Bani Chab, increasing local energy security by providing reliable, secure and clean electricity. In locations not currently connected to the national grid, the projects power around 39,000 homes, and also save up to approximately 10 million liters of diesel annually. The solar power plants produce 31,173 megawatt hours (MWh) of clean electricity annually and displace approximately 27,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions each year.

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Technologies Used

Solar PV


Boutilim-it, Aleg, Aioune, Akjoujt, Atar, El Chami, Boulenour and Bani Chab

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Quick Facts

  • Installed capacity of 16.6MW

  • Supplies 30% of the electricity demand for eight rural communities

  • Diesel fuel savings of 10 million liters annually

  • Reduces CO2 emissions by 27,000 tonnes per year

  • Powers more than 39,000 homes