Tareq Al Qubali

Executive Director, People and Corporate Services

Mr Al Qubali leads Masdar Group’s Corporate Services unit, where he brings a wealth of experience in the support/corporate services sector, and is actively engaged in various internal and external ad-hoc strategic assignments. He joined Masdar in January 2011 as the Head of Corporate/Strategic Performance Management, where he was instrumental to the organization’s reform and application of its corporate strategy and performance management program.

Prior to joining Masdar, Mr. Al Qubali spent much of his career in the oil & gas industry. His experience spans across strategic planning and execution, corporate support services, business reporting and intelligence, stakeholder management, board governance, and operational performance management.

He holds an Executive Master’s degree in Strategic Management from CERT in collaboration with MIT Sloan School of Management and Harvard Business School, and is an alumni of London Business School.