Dr Lamya Nawaf Fawwaz

Executive Director, Brand & Strategic Initiatives

Dr. Lamya Fawwaz is Executive Director of Brand & Strategic Initiatives at Masdar responsible for spearheading the company's global image and driving its mission to accelerate the world’s energy transition.

Her track record includes directing Masdar's communication, marketing, and branding strategies, aligning them with the company’s vision to be a leader in renewables and green hydrogen, and supporting the UAE's ambitious Net Zero by 2050 Strategic Initiative.

Dr. Fawwaz spearheads Masdar’s strategic initiatives, including Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week, a global initiative championed by the UAE and Masdar to accelerate sustainable development and advance economic, social and environmental progress; Women in Sustainability, Environment, and Renewable Energy (WiSER), a platform that inspires women to play an active role in addressing sustainability challenges; and Youth 4 Sustainability (Y4S), a platform dedicated to nurturing the next generation of sustainability leaders through training and real-world experience.

Additionally, she plays a multifaceted role as the Director of the Zayed Sustainability Prize, the UAE’s pioneering global award that recognizes excellence in sustainability. Established in 2008, the Zayed Sustainability Prize honors the humanitarian and sustainability legacy of the late founding father of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, by rewarding organizations and high schools that are delivering impactful, innovative and inspiring solutions in health, food, energy, water and climate action.

Dr. Fawwaz's background includes being Vice President of Institutional Advancement and Public Affairs at the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. She is a board member of the Arab International Women’s Forum and serves as a member of the Private Sector Advisory Council to the UAE’s National Committee on the Sustainable Development Goals.

Dr. Fawwaz graduated with honors (Cum Laude) from the George Washington University with a Doctorate in higher education administration and a Master’s degree in Information System Technology.