President Massoud Barzani Hails Abu Dhabi’s Progress in Renewable Energy

02 MAY 2012
News Renewable Energy

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, Chief Executive Officer of Masdar, briefed His Excellency and his delegation about the progress made by Masdar in the six years since its inception. His Excellency Nasser Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Department of Economic Development in Abu Dhabi, accompanied the visiting delegation.

Praising the significant progress achieved by the UAE and Abu Dhabi in the renewable energy sector, His Excellency Massoud Barzani, said: "It is extremely impressive to visit one of the top oil and gas producers in the world and learn that UAE is working on creating solutions to address the challenges of energy. There is no doubt that these efforts reflect the long-term strategic vision of the wise leadership of Abu Dhabi. These projects emphasize that the UAE is leading the way with the latest scientific developments in the clean technology sector, thereby providing effective and commercially viable solutions to global problems."

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber said: "We were honored to welcome His Excellency Massoud Barzani and the accompanying delegation to Masdar. His visit provided us with the opportunity to shed light on the vision of our wise leadership, aimed at enhancing energy security through a diversified energy mix, with a focus on capacity building in renewable energy."

During their visit to Masdar, the delegation experienced a ride in the personal rapid transit (PRT) pods, the zero-carbon driverless vehicles, and was taken to Masdar Institute (MI), a graduate level, research-oriented university focused on renewable energy and sustainability.

The tour also included a visit to MI’s library, the Knowledge Centre, and its landmark ‘wind tower’. The tower was inspired by “barjeel”; the traditional cooling system in traditional Emirati houses that captures upper level winds to cool the open-air public square below.

The delegation was also briefed on the solar photovoltaic plant which supplies Masdar with the needed electricity to run its day-to-day operations.