Natural Beauty: UAE startup, De L’Arta, brings sustainable skincare to consumer doors

22 JUN 2021
News Innovation

Skincare enthusiasts can buy two and get one product for free from 22nd of June until the 22nd of August

De L’Arta, the Middle East’s first sustainable skincare brand and homegrown UAE startup, has announced the launch of their dedicated online skincare store. Beauty gurus and skincare enthusiasts across the Emirates can now order the [Tq] by De L’Arta product range directly from, with delivery in the UAE within three working days.

The new online offering marks a significant expansion for De L’Arta, which has innovated personal care by developing sustainable solutions through the unearthing and maximizing of existing natural resources found in the UAE. 

“As ardent environmentalists, we want to be the first company in the world that uses 100% renewable resources and completely natural products to create a skincare brand that is both responsible and nourishing,” said Dr Lina Yousef, CEO and co-founder of De L’Arta. “Establishing an e-commerce website is another step in the right direction, and we are committed to continuing our efforts in creating sustainable lifestyle solutions.”

Launched in 2018 and incubated under the region’s first clean technology startup accelerator, The Catalyst based in Masdar City, Abu Dhabi, De L’Arta has been dubbed the beauty industry’s ‘next big thing’ and in 2020, was selected as one of the finalists to join the Beauty Brand Incubator program with the Greenhouse Chalhoub Group, which is the Group’s space for innovation and entrepreneurship.

“At De L’Arta, we work to harness the sophistication, tenacity and resilience of our surrounding ecosystem and repurpose its value into future-ready products,” Dr. Yousef continues. “De L’Arta innovates from the UAE’s resources to maximise their natural value because of them, not in spite of them. We regenerate, recover and repurpose sustainably, to improve our land, our lives and our economy.” 

De L’Arta’s [Tq] skincare range is named after the Tetraena qatarensis, a desert plant native to the UAE with an extraordinary ability to survive the harshest of environments. De L’Arta has extracted intelligent plant-based compounds and sustainably repurposed their power to create the unisex [Tq] skincare line, which can be used on all skin types.

The [Tq] by De L’Arta products are created using the Tetreana qatarensis’s antioxidant rich, drought resistant and salt tolerant properties, to hydrate, nourish and protect skin from premature ageing caused by environmental pollutants. De L’Arta is the first company to use these extracts, which provide rejuvenating, anti-inflammatory and wound healing properties. De L’Arta was also the first company to register Tetraena qatarensis as an official ingredient in the International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI). The company now has exclusive rights to using these extracts as ingredients through the international patent filed together with Khalifa University.

The company prepares the [Tq] extract in an outdoor laboratory based in Masdar City, before sending it to the local manufacturer for product formulation. This spirit of innovative thinking is underpinned by Masdar City’s vision to encourage and stimulate entrepreneurship, particularly through The Catalyst, which is the region’s first sustainability focused start up accelerator and a joint venture between Masdar and bp. As part of the accelerator program, De L’Arta receives business and infrastructure support for research and development.

“Our team is excited about the new milestone and are thrilled to provide our local customers safe access to sustainable skincare from the comfort of their home,” added Dr Lina.
In celebration of the summer season, the company is offering buy two get one free on their full skincare range from 22nd of June until the 22nd of August 2021.