Collaborating for sustainable solutions

11 DEC 2019
News Clean Energy

Realised through the collaborative efforts and synergy of Masdar’s Energy Services unit, Mubadala and Khazna, the Khazna Solar Car Park project has been energized. 

Led by Masdar’s Energy Services unit, our team installed a solar PV system on the car park roof of the Khazna Data Centre located inside Masdar City. The collaboration paves the way for future sustainability initiatives at other Khazna facilities across the UAE. The solar park will displace nearly 300 tons of CO2 per year, the same amount generated by around 65 passenger vehicles a year. 

Designed to be more than 40 percent more energy efficient than a typical data centre, the Khazna Data Centre has a Pearl 3 rating under the Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council’s green building code, Estidama. 

“In recent years, data has been exponentially growing in the Middle East. Through our work on Khazna’s Masdar City branch with the Solar Car Park project, we continue to promote and develop the use of small scale solutions that support the wider clean energy agenda, setting a precedent in the industry,” said Yousef Al Ali, Acting Executive Director, Clean Energy 

“Khazna is the only dedicated commercial wholesale data centre provider in the UAE, protecting mission-critical data using the highest levels of security and operational reliability,” said Hassan Alnaqbi, CEO, Khazna Data Centers. “Through our collaboration with Masdar and Mubadala, we were able to create a successful project that will serve as a pilot for additional sustainable initiatives at other Khazna facilities in the future.”