A joint venture between Sener and Masdar, Torresol Energy has three concentrated solar power plants in Spain - Gemasolar and Valle 1 & 2

Gemasolar, located in Fuentes de Andalucia in the province of Seville in Spain is the world’s first utility-scale solar power plant to combine a central tower receiver system and molten salt storage technology enabling electricity supply 24 hours a day. 

Construction began in 2008, was completed in May 2011, and the plant was officially inaugurated in October 2011. Gemasolar’s design is a promising alternative generation technology to complement the more widespread parabolic trough technology.

Project Info

Technologies Used
Central Tower Receiver Concentrated Solar Power Solar Farm Thermal Energy Storage 24-hour power generation
Project Completion Year


Best solar power plant design 2011
Sustainable Development Process Award 2011 by the European Business Award