Masdar City at a glance


As the world’s most sustainable eco-neighbourhood, Masdar City is designed to reduce energy and water consumption and features an integrated, smart transportation network that makes the community accessible and liveable. Everything from multinational companies to coffee shops call Masdar City home.

Here is a glance at the benefits of our community:

Energy and water consumption

  • Passive and intelligent building design that reduces energy and water demands by 40 percent (according to ASHRAE/Estidama building standards)
  • World’s largest cluster of high-performance buildings that, together, create a real-time laboratory to monitor and study how cities use, conserve and share resources
  • Buildings that meet a minimum Estidama certification of three pearls (comparable to the LEED Gold certification for green buildings)

Smart transportation network

  • Walkable and pedestrian-friendly city
  • Design that encourages and promotes zero-carbon public transportation options
  • Transportation options that include: 1) A driverless, point-to-point personal rapid transit system; 2) a ride-sharing programme featuring electric vehicles; and 3) accessible and strategically positioned car parks
  • Future transportation options may include: 1) electric buses; and 2) a centralised, zero-carbon, automated public transportation network

Mix of tenants

  • General Electric
  • International Renewable Energy Agency
  • Mitsubishi
  • Siemens