Tina Casey: The Sleeping Giant Stirs: Russia Revs Up Renewable Tech


TriplePundit had an opportunity to speak with Russia’s First Deputy Energy Minister Mr. Alexey Teksler, who laid out the country’s plans for the renewable energy field. Setting aside other news involving the U.S. and Russia, our conversation revolved around the growth of global demand for innovative energy technology.

In terms of energy resources, Russia has been in the public eye mainly on account of its vast fossil fuel reserves. However, the country’s energy profile also includes a healthy dose of renewable energy, primarily in the form of hydropower.

The former USSR cemented Russia as a global hydropower leader in the 1960s, Mr. Teksler explained, and hydro now accounts for 17 percent of the country’s energy mix. (For those of you interested, the International Hydropower Association provides a handy timeline of global hydropower development.)

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Image (screenshot): International Space Station via NASA

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