Tina Casey: 2017 IRENA Assembly Showcases Global Push for Renewables


If you’re looking for some good news to chase away the clouds looming over the U.S. renewable energy picture, now is your chance. The International Renewable Energy Agency convened its 2017 Assembly in Abu Dhabi this weekend, and TriplePundit is there to bring you the latest news on the growth of renewables and the decarbonization of the global economy.

Regardless of any downtick in the U.S. renewables market over the next few years (for the record, that probably won’t happen), the IRENA event demonstrates that global energy leaders are dedicated to accelerating the decarbonization movement. As a guest of IRENA, TriplePundit will also pick out some key highlights from the World Future Energy Summit, including hundreds of exhibitors showcasing renewables, transportation and other sustainable technologies

Read the full article on TriplePundit.

Photo (cropped): via IRENA

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