The Festival at Masdar City


On 19th -20th January 2018, Masdar will once again host ‘The Festival at Masdar City’.. We welcome you to join us for a weekend of fun and educational activities related to sustainability against the backdrop of one of the world’s most sustainable cities.

Launched to inspire UAE residents to adopt more sustainable habits, this year’s festival will feature themed educational zones plus local exhibitors promoting sustainable living solutions, organic produce, variety of workshops for children and family, music and food stalls.

THE GREENHOUSE: The Greenhouse is the designated area where visitors can learn how to grow your own food, where your food comes from, and how to be more sustainable in your gardening.Two different activities will be presented this year where participants can decorate their own pot by learning how to do Macramé, while a second zone will allow our “gardeners” to create their own mini-world by recycling bulbs and making a terrarium out of it.

HANDS-ON-CRAFTS: The Crafts Zone is a collection of arts and crafts activities where visitors can create various ornaments, objects and art made from upcycled products and recycled materials.

THE ARCADE ALLEY: The Arcade Alley is a gaming area full of educational activities and fun games with a sustainability twist.Each game delivers a specific message where visitors will get educated on sustainability through fun!

THE CARNIVAL SQUARE: The Carnival Square is an area where visitors will come together to relax, and take a break. There will be areas for them to eat, enjoy some entertainment, plays group games, and take photos.

THE BAAZAR: The Baazar will bring together different vendors who sell delicious food, handmade treats and goods. This year, we will also feature an area within the bazaar titled “Old Is Gold.” Filled with traditional Emirati items, visitors can purchase items such as Karak, Carom Board, and Chips Oman.

THE HYPE CENTRAL: Hype Central is our main performance stage. This year we will host performances ranging from live speed painting, live entertainment on science and sustainability, magic shows, and drum performances.

THE ART ON TRACK: The Art On Track is a walkthrough art gallery, displaying recycled and upcycled art along the way to showcase how to recycle waste and create innovative products and clothing items.

THE INNOVATION FACTORY: At the Innovation Factory, visitors will have the opportunity to build, test and take home experiments related to renewable energy, including solar, wind and water.

THE TALES & LEGENDS ZONE: The Tales and Legends Zone is the reading and storytelling area where a magical fairy will take the listeners through an enchanting journey of fairy tales.

THE OASIS: The Oasis is a rest area where visitors come together to relax and listen to live music. Each music session will allow visitors to join in the jam session by giving them musical props and instruments.