Masdar Institute –  At the Forefront of Advancing Water Technology


Nanotechnology and Water Security

Masdar researchers succeeded in inventing a new water desalination membrane that can be cleaned in-place using nanotechnology. Along with its ability to prevent residues from accumulating in the first place, the membrane can be cleaned without shutting down the plant.

Masdar Institute is leveraging nanotechnology to produce fresh water based on carbon nanotubes and developing a remote sensing system that uses graphene across the energy, water and chemical material sectors.

Innovating for Water Conservation

Masdar Institute developed a new gelatinous material which decomposes naturally and has a superior ability to absorb and retain water. Upon mixing this material with sand, the sand’s ability to preserve water increases threefold, thereby avoiding water loss through evaporationor penetrating deeper into the soil.

This method reduces the amount of water needed for irrigation by more than 50%, compared to regular automatically controlled irrigation systems.

Innovating to Reduce our Environmental Footprint

Masdar Institute’s researchers have developed eco-friendly water desalination membranes made from natural lactic acid, reducing the environmental impact of producing and disposing of these materials.