Masdar – Innovating for a Water Secure Future


Smart systems for rationalising water consumption

Masdar City has deployed smart, innovative water consumption systems in all of the city’s buildings that are designed to consume 54% less water than the UAE’s average building. In addition, 75 percent of hot water is provided via thermal receptors also fixed on top of the buildings.

Masdar rationalises water consumption by designing Masdar Institute’s campus buildings in line with the best practices in terms of connection and the use of only the most efficient equipment. Irrigation water has also been reduced by 60 percent for each square metrethrough an efficient sprinkler systemand an innovative landscaping method that alleviates water evaporation in plants, chosen from the local environment due to their low water consumption rates.

100 percent of wastewater is reused for irrigation, which helps reduce total drinking water consumption rate. Rainwater is also handled via collection and efficient disposal channels.

In the spotlight – Pilot Project for Water Desalination using Renewable Energy

Masdar is developing an innovative pilot project for extensively energy-consuming water desalination processes based on renewable energy. The desalination plants, still in the pilot phase and located in Abu Dhabi’s Ghantoot area, add 1,500 cubic metres of potable water per day to Abu Dhabi’s supply, enough to meet the demand of around 500 homes. The project is scalable, based on success of the pilot project.

The long-term goal is to implement renewable energy-powered desalination plants in the United Arab Emirates, as well as the wider MENA region and to have a commercial scale facility operating by 2020.

Key Benefits:

  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Diversification of energy supply
  • Cost reduction of desalinated water
  • Reduced environmental impact