Mark Bessoudo: No Silver Bullet


Climate change is a complex problem made up of many interrelated factors: Energy. Agriculture. Transportation. Buildings. Cities. Infrastructure. Biogeochemistry.

The solutions needed to reduce climate change are similarly numerous: Green buildings. Zero-carbon energy. Ethical artificial intelligence. Food science.

For this reason I don’t think there’s any one single technological development that will reduce climate change. It’s a complex problem that requires several multi-faceted solutions.

My entry into the 2017 Engage Global Social Media Competition is a blog which I will use as a way to share just some of the many examples that will be needed to reduce climate change. I will continue to update this blog on a regular basis leading up to Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week – and if I’m lucky enough to be selected as the winner I’ll continue to use this platform to blog about the event itself. (Hey, it’s a social media blogging contest after all!)

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