IRENA’s Achievements

  • IRENA’s founding conference was in 2009.
  • Additional IRENA’s offices are in Bonn - Germany and New York City - USA.
  • IRENA has 140 Members (139 States and the European Union) and 32 additional countries in the process of accession.
  • IRENA has worked with 90 members on regional initiatives since 2011
  • IRENA Conducted Renewables Readiness Assessments with 22 countries in 2014
  • Generated knowledge resources on renewable energy costs, resource potentials, policies, including 1,800 policies from 116 countries.
  • Among IRENA’s research includes REmap 2030 (Renewable Energy Map 2030), which has evaluated how realistic it is for each nation, region and the entire world to double the total share of renewable energy by 2030