Bertrand Piccard - Initiator, Chairman and Pilot of Solar Impulse


“This well-matched partnership will show Abu Dhabi to be a centre of expertise when it comes to renewable energy and at the same time Solar Impulse will demonstrate the far-reaching applications of clean energy during the first solar-powered flight around the world… I’ve seen first-hand Abu Dhabi’s commitment to advancing clean technology, creating social opportunity and extending its energy leadership through the acceleration of wind and solar power. Abu Dhabi is truly the ideal location for our safe departure, and hopefully, arrival.”

Born into a Swiss dynasty of explorers and scientists, who conquered the heights and the depths of our planet, Bertrand Piccard seems predestined to perpetuate one of the greatest family adventures of the 20th century.

Psychiatrist, aeronaut and lecturer, chairman of the Winds of Hope humanitarian foundation and goodwill ambassador for the United Nations, he is passionate about today’s great human challenges.

A pioneer of ultralight flying in the 1970s, an airplane and glider pilot, Bertrand Piccard achieved in 1999 the first ever non-stop round the world balloon flight, which was the longest flight in terms of duration and distance in the history of aviation.

Initiator, Chairman and Pilot of Solar Impulse, he developed the project’s philosophy and outlined its symbolic and political reach, convincing the project’s financial partners. Seeking to link science with adventure to promote a better quality of life, he shares with André Borschberg control of this project, just as he shares with him the controls of the aircraft.