About World Water Forum


In the arid United Arab Emirates, water is more important than oil. With an expected 40 percent shortfall in water supplies globally by 2030 due to urbanisation, the UAE is playing its part to counter this local and global challenge. Through pioneering initiatives across the water spectrum, the UAE and its multifaceted strategies have become a model for water scarce regions seeking to enhance water security. The UAE is leading by example and well positioned to contribute to this important global forum.

The UAE delegation to the 7th World Water Forum  comprised of esteemed representatives from over 12 companies and government entities operating in the water sector. The delegation highlighted the UAE’s role as a recognised, responsible leader in the water sector and leverage its participation at the forum to showcase the country’s adoption of innovative technologies for reducing water consumption, costs and waste.

The 8th World Water Forum 2018 is to be hosted in Brasilia, Brazil