About The Masdar Gen Z Global Sustainability Survey


The Masdar Gen Z Global Sustainability Survey is the first-ever survey to investigate the attitudes of members ofGeneration Z (aged 18 – 25) across the world on climate change, sustainable development, renewable energy and other challenges. With nearly 5,000 respondents from 20 countries, the findings offer the most comprehensive insight into the thoughts, fears and hopes of a generation acutely worried about the environmental legacy they will inherit.

To mark the 10-year anniversary of Masdar in 2016 and launched during the United Arab Emirates’ participation inCOP22, a global platform on climate change and governance, the survey offers valuable insight into the thinking oftomorrow’s decision makers on the critical issues of energy and sustainability.

The Gen Z Global Sustainability Survey was conducted by international polling firm Penn Schoen Berland (PSB) to investigate the attitudes of members of Generation Z (aged 18-25) across the world towards the issues of environment, climate change, sustainability and renewable energy.

The survey consisted of 4,704 online interviews between March 4 and March 29, 2016 in 20 countries:

  • 3 in the Americas (US, Mexico and Brazil),
  • 4 in Europe (UK, France, Germany and Spain),
  • 3 in sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa),
  • 5 in the Middle East & North Africa (Morocco, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan),and 5 in Eurasia (Russia, China, India, South Korea, Japan).