Torresol Energy: Gemasolar, Valle 1 & 2


A joint venture between Sener and Masdar, Torresol Energy has three concentrated solar power plants in Spain - Gemasolar and Valle 1 & 2

Gemasolar, located in Fuentes de Andalucia in the province of Seville in Spain is the world’s first utility-scale solar power plant to combine a central tower receiver system and molten salt storage technology enabling electricity supply 24 hours a day.

Construction began in 2008, was completed in May 2011, and the plant was officially inaugurated in October 2011. Gemasolar’s design is a promising alternative generation technology to complement the more widespreadparabolic trough technology.

Valle 1&2 are adjacent solar plants located in Cadiz, Spain that feature parabolic trough solar technology combined with molten salt storage facilities.

The construction of the plants started in late 2009 and was completed in 2011. The plants have a combined power capacity of 100MW and are now fully operational.

The footprint of the solar field covers 510,000 square metres and the molten salt storage system allows for seven to eight hours of power generation withoutsunlight.

Quick Facts

  • Plants: Gemasolar, Valle 1, Valle 2
  • Installed capacity: 20 megawatts -Gemasolar; 50 megawatts each - Valle 1, Valle 2
  • Emissions reductions: More than 27,000 tonnes annually at Gemasolar and 96,000 at Valle 1&2

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