Masdar Special Projects: ​Micro-Grid connected PV plant in Tonga


Masdar delivered the first large-scale renewable energy project on the island of Vava’u in the Kingdom of Tonga. The 512-kilowatt solar photovoltaic power plant produces enough energy to meet 17 percent of Tonga’s annual electricity demand. The project also supplies nearly 70 percent of grid demand during peak hours.

The project is a significant step in the country’s efforts to address long-term energy security. By generating 866 megawatts of clean energy each year, the Tonga plant replaces 280,000 litres of diesel fuel and reduces carbon-dioxide emissions by 724 tonnes per year.

The plant is one of several Masdar-funded international projects.

Quick Facts

  • Installed capacity: 512 kilowatts
  • Solar energy penetration: 17 percent
  • Yearly production: 866 megawatts of clean energy
  • Diesel fuel savings: 280,000 litres annually
  • Emission reductions: 724 tonnes annually
  • Homes powered: 850 homes
  • Operational date: November 2013