The Masdar Solar Hub


The Masdar Solar Hub is a state-of-the art solar testing and R&D hub for photovoltaic and solar thermal technology. The hub is located within Masdar City, and is jointly managed by Masdar and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology. Launched in January 2015, the Masdar Solar Hub aims to become a globally recognized centre of excellence in the areas of photovoltaic and solar thermal energy technologies.

The Masdar Solar Hub spans a wide range of activities including: solar energy and thermal storage equipment testing, prototype evaluation and solar irradiance monitoring. It fulfils a crucial need in the technological development and demonstration of novel solar energy systems and in doing so responds to the region’s growing requirements for the increased production and use of renewable energy.

Key features:

There are three main facilities which together, form the Masdar Solar Hub. These facilities cater to the needs of users of the hub in various ways.

1.1 Photovoltaic Test Centre

The photovoltaic test centre provides independent and accurate measurement of the performance, reliability and durability of PV modules, the coatings of PV modules and other PV related equipment.

1.2 CPV Test Facility

A joint initiative of Masdar and the Spanish organization Instituto de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos de Concentración (ISFOC), the Concentrating Photovoltaic (CPV) Test Facility allows testing of CPV systems under Abu Dhabi’s environmental conditions. Data obtained from this facility will be relevant for the design of future CPV technology as well as the deployment of CPV technology in the Middle East.

1.3 Masdar Institute Solar Platform

The Masdar Institute Solar Platform (MISP) is where researchers, universities, and industrial partners carry out R&D activities in order to drive research, development and demonstration of solar thermal technologies such as Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Thermal Energy Storage (TES). The platform builds around a set of unique facilities such as the Beam Down Concentrating Tower and its solar field, the hot-oil loop and TES system, the Solar Irradiometer Platform, the compact linear Fresnel reflector and other solar thermal systems connected to a double effect absorption chiller.

The Masdar Solar Hub is a valuable resource to equipment manufacturers, system integrators and installers, project developers, utilities, investors, private end users, research organizations, and the public. The hub will increase the available solar equipment testing capacity in the UAE, and in doing so, will accelerate the development of solar energy solutions in the UAE and throughout the Middle East.

Quick Facts:

  • The Masdar Solar Hub integrates infrastructure andexpertise available at Masdar and Masdar Institute in thearea of solar R&D and testing.
  • Focuses on the following technologies:

–Photovoltaic (PV) module testing.–Concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) module testing.–Concentrated solar power (CSP).–Thermal energy storage (TES).

  • Allows Masdar, Masdar Institute and the solar industry tocollaborate on R&D and equipment testing.
  • Brings together stakeholders from different sectors for development of new commercially driven projects.
  • Activities of the hub include:

- Long-term outdoor exposure testing of PV and CPV modules and CSP components.- Testing of solar thermal equipment and solar receivers.- Indoor testing of PV modules.- Testing of thermal energy storage systems.