Masdar Special Projects: Port Victoria Wind Power Project (Seychelles)


Masdar developed and delivered the first large-scale renewable energy project in the Seychelles. Owned and operated by the Seychelles government, the project consists of eight wind turbines across two small islands that are off the coast of Mahe -- five turbines on Romainville Island and three at Ile du Port.

The project will produce nearly 7 gigawatt-hours of clean energy per year, displace about 10,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually and power more than 2,100 homes. Unison Company, a South Korean manufacturer and contractor, supplied the 750-kilowatt turbines.

Before the wind farm began operations, the Seychelles depended entirely on imported fossil fuels to generate energy. With the farm now supplying more than 8 percent of Mahe Island’s grid capacity, the integration of clean, sustainable wind energy is helping the island nation decrease power outages, address long-term energy security and reduce carbon emissions.

The project is a major step toward meeting the Seychelles’ energy policy, which sets a target of producing 15 percent of its energy from renewable sources by 2030. The project was financed through a grant of $28 million (U.S.) from the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development, a government entity that enhances living standards in developing nations.

The Port Victoria wind farm is one of several Masdar-funded international projects.

Quick Facts

  • Facility area: 272,000 square metres
  • Installed capacity: 6 megawatts
  • Solar energy penetration: 8 percent into the grid
  • Equipment: eight wind turbines, 750 kilowatts each
  • Yearly production: 7 gigawatt-hours
  • Diesel fuel savings: 1.5 million imported litres
  • Emission reductions: 10,000 tonnes annually
  • Homes powered: more than 2,100
  • Operational date: June 2013