Our role within Masdar


Masdar Special Projects plays an important role in helping Masdar fulfill its mission as a catalyst for developing and adopting renewable energy and clean technologies.

Our operations also embody the three fundamental pillars of sustainability that guide Masdar’s work: preserving the environment, serving community needs and being economical.

By demonstrating the viability and wider application of these technologies beyond conventional deployments, we support initiatives such as the U.N. Sustainable Energy for All initiative, which is a key priority for Masdar.

Our focus on specialised small and medium-sized renewable energy applications allows us to address an important market segment that differentiates us from our sister division, Masdar Clean Energy, which focuses on large-scale developments.

We also support Masdar by implementing projects that introduce cutting-edge clean technologies with particular relevance to the demanding climate and economic imperatives of Abu Dhabi and the region.