Masdar Special Projects: Other Projects


In addition to major projects like the Shams 1 and Masdar City solar power plants, Masdar has an array of other smaller projects in its portfolio. They include solar-powered water wells, island grids and streetlights, as well as wind turbines and a sustainable farm.

Here are details about those projects:

  • Al Ain Diwan lighting efficiency: Replacing lighting in Al Ain, United Arab Emirates
  • Al Hayl: 15 hybrid systems of 200-kilowatt peak in Al Hayl Island, UAE, that are supported by a diesel generator, batteries and a reverse osmosis package
  • Al Jarnain: A 750-kilowatt peak grid of photovoltaic power on Al Jarnain Island, UAE
  • Al Wathba camel farm: An 850-kilowatt peak wind turbine in Al Wathba, UAE
  • Al Wathba stables: A solar photovoltaic facility with 120-kilowatt peak on-grid
  • Omran hospital: rooftop PV with 450-kilowatt peak plus PV-powered streetlights in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE
  • Sea Palace: 200-kilowatt peak on-grid PV power in Sea Palace, Abu Dhabi
  • Sustainable farm: An eight-acre sustainable farm in Al Ain, UAE
  • Concentrated PV pilot: 600-kilowatt peak grid in Masdar City, UAE