Vision, Mission & Values

Our Mission

To advance the development and adoption of commercially viable solutions in renewable energy and sustainable real estate to address the sustainability challenges of the UAE, the Middle East and international markets.

Our Purpose

To secure the long-term prosperity of the UAE through helping to build a resilient knowledge-based economy.

Our Vision

To make Abu Dhabi the world’s reference for knowledge and collaboration in the advancement of renewable energy, clean technologies and sustainable development.

Our Values

We believe that success in today’s energy sector requires the ability to move swiftly in sync with changes in technology.
We believe that the best way to increase the use of clean technologies is to demonstrate that they are commercial viable.
We believe that sustainability should be a key consideration in all decision making.
Everything we do is grounded in what is technically and financially feasible. We believe this ultimately leads to better technology, healthier business returns, and the wider use of renewable energy.