Located 32 kilometres off the coast of North Norfolk in East Anglia, the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm is Masdar’s latest investment in the United Kingdom’s renewable energy sector.

Masdar (35 per cent) is partnering in the project with the Norwegian multinational oil and gas company Equinor and China Resource Holdings. 

Set in waters between 18 and 25 metres with a wind speed of 9.8 metres per second, and covering an area of 35 square kilometres, the project will generate the electricity equivalent of what is needed to power more than 410,000 UK homes. The 402-megawatt wind farm is one of the largest such projects in the country.

Aspects of the project include constructing the wind turbines and their foundations, building an offshore substation, installing power cables (both undersea and onshore), and connecting to the UK National Grid. Construction of the wind farm began in the third quarter of 2014 and took 3 ½ years, becoming fully operational in November 2017.

Upon completion, the Dudgeon Offshore Wind Farm brought Masdar’s gross installed cumulative capacity in the UK renewable energy sector to more than 1,000 megawatts.

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