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Visit our city to learn more about Masdar and its flagship, low-carbon urban community – Masdar City, which is open to the public every day. Visitors can enjoy the many cafes and restaurants on offer while learning how sustainable development can be achieved through real-world solutions in water, energy efficiency and sustainable architecture.

What can you do during your visit to Masdar City?

  • Walk, run or cycle at the Masdar Park where you can also eat, play and relax in the open air. Great for families!
  • Accompany your walk through the Masdar Institute neighbourhood with the attached attractions map,
  • Visit the Siemens Ingenuity for life centre, open Sunday to Thursday 9am - 6pm. Located on the ground floor of the Siemens Middle East Headquarters, the centre introduces visitors to the company’s founder and pioneer, Werner von Siemens, and some of his earliest innovations and inventions. From there, the interactive ‘A Day in Your Life’ exhibit takes visitors on a journey through 24 hours, with a combination of narrative, illustration and interactive projection mapping demonstrating how Siemens technology connects the real and virtual worlds and improves the lives of people every day.
  • Take the stairs to the Visitor Information area in the lobby of the PRT Station at Masdar Institute Building 1A. Explore the master plan of Masdar City and models showing Masdar’s international renewable energy projects.
  • Experience the Personal Rapid Transit (PRT), the world's first on-demand driverless vehicle. The experience is open Sunday to Thursday between 9am – 5pm.

Arrival and parking: There is ample parking available at the Masdar Park and at the North Car Park. From here, a shuttle service is available to take you to the Masdar City podium. Buses can drop off and pick up visitors at the entrance to the Siemens HQ.

Please get in touch if there is anything we can help you with, by emailing engage@masdar.ae.

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