“We are glad to have Masdar developing its second renewable energy project in Jordan, our largest solar energy farm. The Baynouna project is helping to deliver on His Majesty King Abdullah II’s vision for a diversified energy mix and progressing the national agenda for energy security and sustainability, and is a result of the cooperation agreements signed between the Jordanian government and Abu Dhabi government represented by Masdar.” 
HE Dr Saleh Kharabsheh, Minister of Energy, Jordan

“The way that the Dudgeon project has been delivered embodies the strengths and culture of the companies involved, Statoil, Masdar and Statkraft. It has required significant technical innovation, has been delivered through an excellent relationship with local stakeholders and suppliers, and has stimulated local jobs and economic growth for the East Anglia region. And the project itself has been delivered on time, below budget, and most importantly with an excellent safety record.”
Christian Rynning-Tønnesen, CEO and President, Statkraft

"The Middle East is a strategic area for EDF Group, which has strong ambitions for renewable energies. EDF Group, through EDF Energies Nouvelles’ teams, is pleased to participate in one of the world’s largest solar initiatives launched by DEWA. This 800 MW solar project realised alongside Masdar, a key player in renewables, seals a major long-term partnership.”
Antoine Cahuzac, Former CEO of EDF Energies Nouvelles

 “Trevi was honoured to be selected for the Renewable Energy Desalination Challenge by Masdar. The selection afforded us the opportunity to build a large-scale pilot plant and demonstrate the technology under real-world conditions. We were able to improve key components of the design and the data gathered proved invaluable. Our partner Masdar provided a facility which would be dearly missed in desalination research, and their financial and technical support during the project was key to our success.”
John Webley, CEO of Trevi Systems

“We believe the partnership with Masdar City will result in a model eco-living residential development offering the highest standard of luxury.”
Aref Alkhouri, Chairman, Reportage Properties.

“Without Masdar’s trust and support, Mascara would have taken many more years to prove and gain credibility for its OSMOSUN® technology. The validation by Masdar of the unique performance of OSMOSUN® enabled Mascara to sign its first orders in 2017. Mascara is now developing projects in Mauritius, Cape Verde, South Africa, Morocco and Vanuatu in the Pacific. Some of these projects are being developed through the strategic development partnership tying the two organisations along with the Ghantoot programme.”
Marc Vergnet, CEO of Mascara Renewable Water

“By participating in this ambitious project alongside Masdar and Abengoa Solar, Total develops its solar energy assets, enriches its portfolio of expertise with this first step in concentrated solar technology, and reaffirms its unique partnership with Abu Dhabi. We are pleased to be partnered with Abu Dhabi, a country we have been working with for more than 70 years, in its pursuit of energy diversification and to contribute to the Masdar initiative, which promotes the development of renewable energies.”
Philippe Boisseau, President, Total Gas & Power. 

“Our partnership with Masdar during the Ghantoot Renewable Energy Desalination Pilot Programme provided us with a unique opportunity to assess the development of our desalination technologies. The cooperation between all parties has allowed us to gain valuable data and insight to move forward with implementing these solutions in a large-scale commercial setting and we are looking forward to further progressing the technologies piloted.”
Vincent Baujat, Veolia Water Technologies Executive Vice-President for the Middle East.