Future Skills 2030

In 2019, Y4S developed the Future Skills 2030 report, which identified 14 essential skills youth will need over the next decade to adapt to the evolving work landscape. Y4S is committed to delivering courses to address the skills identified in the report, and the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated implementation efforts to provide our programs online.

Gen Z Survey

The world’s first youth survey on the attitudes of young people towards climate change.

The 2016 Masdar Gen Z Global Sustainability Survey was the first-ever survey of post-millennial attitudes towards sustainable development, renewable energy and climate change.

Conducted to mark the 10-year anniversary of Masdar in 2016 and launched at COP22 in Morocco, the Gen Z Global Sustainability Survey was conducted by international polling firm Penn Schoen Berland (PSB). The survey consisted of 4,704 online interviews between March 4 and March 29, 2016 in 20 countries:

  • 3 in the Americas (US, Mexico and Brazil)
  • 4 in Europe (UK, France, Germany and Spain)
  • 3 in sub-Saharan Africa (Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa)
  • 5 in the Middle East & North Africa (Morocco, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Jordan),and 5 in Eurasia (Russia, China, India, South Korea, Japan).


Y4S will continue to engage youth in developing insightful surveys, white papers and reports, to ensure their voices are heard in the discussion on the future of sustainability.