Our Vision, Mission and Values


Our Vision

To make Abu Dhabi the preeminent source of renewable energy knowledge, development and implementation, and the world’s benchmark for sustainable development

Our Mission

To advance renewable energy and sustainable technologies through education, research and development, investment, commercialisation and adaptation.

Our Values


We believe that success in today’s energy marketplace requires the ability to move swiftly and in sync with changes in technology – that we can make decisions quickly and decisively and with an agility that keeps us at the forefront of the industry.


We believe that the best way to increase use of clean technologies is to demonstrate that they are commercial viable – to prove that their adoption will not only benefit the health and sustainability of our planet, but will also return profits to our shareholder.


We believe that sustainability is a key criteria that we must use in making decisions. We think about the degree to which the actions we take can be repeated in the future without any significant loss in quality, resources or efficacy.


We believe that because our business is so forward thinking – pioneering new concepts and technologies – it’s vital that our decision making process be firmly rooted in reality. Everything we do is grounded in what is feasible, given financial and technical constraints. This will result in better technology, healthier returns and greater uses